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Jeanie Haigh

Livermore Film Office
2157 First Street
Livermore, CA. 94550
Phone (925) 447-1606 x204
Cell (818) 395-0742



• Over 40 Wineries
• Country’s biggest Windmill Farm
• Downtown – Anywhere USA
• Empty Victorian
• Hindu Temple
• Ranches
• Neighborhoods Anywhere USA
• Vintage Cinema
• Oil Rigs
• Partially vacant hospital
• Rodeo Grounds
• Vacant School
• Restored 1950s fully-equipped
  Gas station for filming only
• World’s largest corn maze featured
   on David Letterman every year
• Quarries


• One stop services through Film Office – no permits
• Clear locations
• Scouting and photography
• Service productions before, during and after production
• Interface with local, county, State and
• Federal Government Agencies
• Website with locations and production services
• Break down scripts
• Comprehensive Production Guide

Download the Livermore Valley One-Sheet

Quick Facts

• Low costs locations
• Production friendly weather
• Experienced Bay Area Crews
• Exceptional cooperation from all Government Agencies


Movies include Hell House and Strange
Company, a pilot presentation called
Background, several national commercials for Dodge, Toyota and more, viral shoots, Cisco Training films, and many still shoots including Merrill Lynch, Arlen Ness Motorcycles, and Crate and Barrel.