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Cynthia Birdill, Director of Community and Economic Development

City of Modesto
1010 Tenth Street
Suite 3300
Modesto, CA. 95353

Direct (209) 484-0670
Fax (209) 491-5798


• Sierra Railroad Steam Engines
• Lotus Gardens Buddhist Retreat
• Lakes and Rivers
• Working Cattle Ranches
• Historic Theaters
• McHenry Mansion

• McHenry Museum
• Winding Country Roads
• Rodeo Grounds
• Closed Military Base
• Picturesque Bridges
• 3 Street Western Scene


• Online Location Library
• Permit Assistance
• Ease of permitting for road closures
• Makeup Artists/PA/Film Crews
• Lodging Information & Competitive Rates
• Area Maps
• Largest Collection of Military Vehicles
• Local Services Directory

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Quick Facts

• Modesto is equidistant from four major airports, San Jose, Sacramento,   SF and Oakland.
• Stanislaus County has the oldest operational grocery store in the
  United States
• A five hour drive from Los Angeles
• Agriculture center of California
• Home of the oldest olive oil producer in California
• Home of American Graffiti, classic cars and carhops


TV: Family Feud, Unsolved Mysteries, Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story, Hardcastle & McCormick, American Grace, What You Get For
Your Money
Film: Back to the Future III, Unforgiving, 48 Hours, Howard the Duck, Youthanasia, My Child: Mothers of War
Commercials: Coca Cola, AFLAC, AMC Jeep, SaveMart, Weinhart’s Beer, Chevrolet Silverado